A Program For Leisure Sports With Adventurous And Exciting Experience For Visitors

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Q.1 a) Concept, package, and process: Woodland adventure playground is one of the largest in the country designed for leisure sports with adventurous and exciting experience for visitors. Along with sports like slides, ropewalks, towers and trampolines, the kids can learn responsibilities at working farmyard by having a chance to handle “livestock like pigs, sheep, fish, and chicken” (Nigel Slack). The park has to be regularly maintained to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for visitors, costing them £18,000 every year. And these costs are expected to increase every year.
Q.1b) Remove it: This is relatively feasible and low acceptable option because removing playground will save huge maintenance cost which may decrease revenue and visitor’s count. The vulnerability is high because the team is not interested in removing it. Do Nothing: This is less feasible and not an acceptable option because of £18,000 annual maintenance cost and safety issues. Vulnerable is high because of increasing maintenance cost yearly. Replace with similar: This option is highly feasible and acceptable because the similar costs around £100,000 and team are not interested in removing it. The vulnerability is high because there might be no increase in a number of visitors. Replace with sustainability better: Less feasible due to the high cost of £250,000 which is more than the budget. High acceptance as the team is interested in having a new safe playground with less maintenance cost. Less…

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