A Program For Dementia Or Alzheimer 's Patients And Their Families

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Another special program at MoMA is their program for dementia or Alzheimer’s patients and their families. Titled Meet Me at MoMA, this program helps people suffering from dementia and their families to enjoy the museum, which has spread throughout the U.S. as The MoMA Alzheimer’s Project. A noticeable aspect of the programs provided by the museum in the U.S. is that it offers care not only for the patients but also for the friends and family that accompany them (MoMA, 2016).
Another representative program offered for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s by the Met is Met Escape. Met Escape is a program that gives patients with dementia and their friends and family a break from their repetitive daily routine to enjoy the museum. It provides various types of activities such as discussion times, workshops to create art, and different activities that interact and use several senses. Through this program, participants can explore the remains of the world’s history that the museum owns, which ranges 5,000 years. In addition, the Met offers a similar program called Discoveries for individuals with mental disabilities. This is a special program for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. Individuals can touch the artwork, and their friends and families can participate in creating art. In particular, the program provides tips and guides for parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (Undeen Don & McGinnis Rebecca, 2014).

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