A Program For A Registered Dietitian Essay example

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In order to become a registered dietitian a student needs to complete the Didactic Program in Dietetic. They also need to complete either a Coordinated Program in Dietetics or a Dietetic Internship. Each of these components contributes to the degree as a registered dietitian or nutritionist, but they differ in several ways. A Didactic Program in Dietetics refers to the course work approved by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics. Students are required before entering the didactic program in the Food and Nutrition major must complete the UA equivalents. They must receive a C- or higher in science classes and B- or better in the DPD classes. In order to stay in the program students must keep up an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher. The Coordinated Program or Dietetic Internship are the next step of becoming a registered dietitian. Both of these programs are very competitive. There are about fifty CP programs across the country. The Coordinated Program combines undergraduate work and 1200 supervised practice experience at the same time. Majority of students finish the degree and CP within four years. The supervised practice typically begins junior year in addition to classes. The Dietetic Internship has about 250 across the country. A DI typically begins after graduation and lasts one year in length. It also has 1200 hours of supervised practice experience. Qualities that make a student competitive for these programs are good grades, high gap, good…

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