A Program Coordinator For Head Start Essay

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The early childhood administrators I interviewed are Linda Ackles, Jackie Zeckser, and Shelly Wright, all from Hastings. Ackles is a retired Family Childcare Provider. Zeckser used to be a Program Coordinator for Head Start. Wright is a Preschool Teacher and Director at St. Michael’s Preschool in Hastings.
When asked about the mission and values of their respective programs, Ackles wanted to provide quality care at affordable rates. Zeckser said the values at Head Start are providing for the whole child, family involvement, and promoting strong community relationships and collaborating as a team. Wright said the mission of St. Michael’s Preschool is to provide a loving, caring Christian atmosphere. Children are encouraged to discover the joy of learning in a loving environment. This preschool provides a play experience that contributes to the developmental needs of the child and recognizes each child as an individual.
When asked about the framework of their programs, Ackles said she started her daycare by registering with the state and used her own money to begin her daycare. Zeckser said Head Start is funded through a grant from the federal government. A Board of Directors consisting of professional members from the community governs the program. Wright said St. Michael’s Preschool is a private religious program, and is funded through St. Michael’s Catholic Church.
When asked how each program follows regulations and guidelines, each interviewee said their program follows…

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