A Program At Zumwalt Middle School Essay

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The plan is to start in one middle school for one semester and move on to different middle schools for the following semester throughout Dallas. After researching, we decided to implement this program at Zumwalt Middle School in the fall of 2017. This school is in a low income neighborhood and it is also in a food desert. We chose this school because we believe it is the one school who is the most disadvantaged. After the semester is done, we will move on to other schools in the Dallas area with similar problems.

Kickoff Event

A kickoff event will take place on the second week of school to start off the program. This is a field day that has activities that students can participate in and enjoy their healthy, deliciously lunch. We want to get the children to become more active and stay off their phones. There will also be a guest appearance that will educate them about the importance of staying active. The event will take place in the afternoon for half a school day. We will coordinate with the school when is the best day to hold this event.

In this event, the children will be able to win medals for the activities they participated in. The goal is to show the children how much fun it can be to play outside. The activities will also help children interact with each other since some children are not very social. We plan to do this with activities that will require the children to work in teams to complete certain tasks. Not only will they learn how to be active but…

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