A Professor 's Influence On Student 's Perceptions Essay

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In many colleges, it is preferred that professors make a good first impression. The way a professor dresses can cause many speculations. It is known that a professor 's attire influences a student’s perceptions. It can set a tone, an image, that can greatly impact the students opinions and can create either a positive or negative atmosphere. In colleges, a professor 's relationship with students is seen as a role model or an authoritative figure and their attire can greatly affect that. It can also significantly impact the amount of respect a student has or has develop for that professor as well. When a professor is wearing age inappropriate clothing it is known that a professor is connecting with their students on a personal level although, it should be strictly business, this can cause the sense of authority and control of their classroom to be lost. For example, someone wearing shirts with funny sayings or slogans, short skirts, short dresses, high heels, no bra can cause students to lose their respect for you and will continue to see you as a joke. However, professors today are mostly wearing professional attire that conveys more of a business like setting.
Today students choice of clothing can affect the classroom in certain circumstances. As a student our choice of clothing expresses who we are in any setting. It’s one of the ways we express ourself in society today. In college, we have our own free will to dress in anyway but it does cause situations that may cause a…

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