A Privilege, A Right Or A Benefit Essay

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A privilege, a right or a benefit that is given to certain individuals that makes them proud. That is the definition of what is considered a privilege. In today 's modern world, numerous of individuals face obstacles when it comes to being granted their privileges. Many of them find themselves treated unequal for unfair reasons such as their gender, color, age or sexuality. This has been a conflict that has affected many generations, it even goes all the way back to the Stone Age.

Men and Women have constantly faced discrimination across the United States and Worldwide for decades. Looking back into history one learns to find that the workforce was mostly dominated by men up until the 1900s. Not only that, but men used to make more money than their female counterparts. Reason for this being was because society viewed men as the more predominant sex and society just assumed that men were supposed to be the ones bringing money to their family’s household while the opposite gender assumed the role of a housewife and stayed home.

For the longest time, men were viewed as the more dominant sex and therefore were the ones who made more money in comparison to women. Men who failed to do so were often shunned and viewed as girly and an embarrassment to society. Girls were supposed to be beautiful and men rich. Men were also viewed as the more masculine gender and needed to be physically big, strong and muscular. Even gay men had some inclinations to buy into the whole big,…

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