A Primer On Corporate Governance By Cornelis A. De Kluyver

The main topic of this text book is to understand the main idea behind Corporate Governance and the way that it works. In A Primer on Corporate Governance by Cornelis A. De Kluyver this is explained in great detail. The text is positioned in a way that explains the perspective of the executive in order to help the reader develop and turn into a more efficient member and asset in his company by understanding that which is Corporate Governance. As De Kluyver states in the text that “Today, the debate is about making corporate power compatible with the needs of a democratic society”. (pg 1) First we need to understand what corporate governance is. Corporate Governance is defined as the systems of rules, practices and processes by
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I believe that the central lesson in this book is to make sure that the reader understands the importance of the structure of Corporate Governance in a company. By understanding this the reader will become not just a better employee but a better asset to its company. Without it it’ll just create problems for the company later on in the future.
One point that I believe is a strength of this book is the fact that De Kluyver states on whether its “the directors or Board and CEO of a public company owe their primarily fiduciary duty to its shareholders, as Bebchuk insist, or have considered the prerogatives of all the stakeholders, as Lipton Maintains”.(pg 27) I think that one shortcoming that the text has is that is really doesn’t go in-depth about the difference between corporations and small companies such as startups and the ways that they are structured and
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De Kluyver is trying to make is that about the fact that there needs to be a better understanding of the way that corporate governance of a company works in order to be able to be a better employee and asset to that company. That there needs to be an understanding by everybody of the different roles that every department plays in order for the company to succeed. Everybody has to work together to make sure all operations run smoothly and that this can only be achieved by understanding the way that a company is governed. In Today’s time a lot of major corporations with thousands of employees still have many of them who don’t know the Corporate structure of the company, this is a bad thing for the company. Every employee no matter how important or disposable should know the corporate structure of the company. This just helps in facilitating the process of every day task in the company no matter how remedial or important they are. I would recommend that in the future there be more research in the type of governance between a major corporation and a smaller company such as a startup. Where most corporations have thousands of employees most startups have an average of less than 100 employees. This makes for a major change in the corporate structure of the two types of companies. I believe that it is important to study the corporate governance of a company in order for the reader to understand

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