A Price No One Should Have Pay Essay

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A Price No One Should Have To Pay
Walking down the streets of his hometown on a calm spring day, he sees the usual buildings. The post office, the supermarket, some road construction, the local elementary school. He’s grown up here, and yet it feels new to him. He has not been here in ages, as he just got back from being stationed in Iraq, and it is lovely to be back. The beautiful grass flowers and trees! It is a bittersweet thing to see. He came home uninjured, but some of his friends were not so lucky. “I never really realised the price of freedom, not until I watched people pay it.” he thinks. Nevertheless, being out of that hostile and cruel environment safe is all he could ask for. A loud noise from the construction across the street startles him out of his thoughts, and as he looks back to see what went wrong, he realizes that everything is most definitely not fine. The familiar street he was on only moments ago is gone, replaced by a broken and cracked dessert. He turns around, and he can feel the wind hit him, grains of sand stinging the sides of his face. His breathing stops just to start back up again at twice the rate competing with his heart. He hears gunshots and drops to the ground. “Where can I go that has cover? I can’t be out in the open like this, I will be dead in a fraction of a second!”. Scrambling, he looks around for his gun, where is it?! “Medic! Medic! Can I get medical over here! He needs help, NOW!” A woman shouts from a few meters away, sitting…

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