A Pressure Ulcer And Fall Rate Quality Index Essay

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PICO A pressure ulcer and fall rate quality composite index was created to help obtain a more expansive view on unit level nursing quality, rather than a narrow and singular data approach. Research from 5144 patient care units in 857 United States hospitals participating in the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators in 2013 were used to develop a nursing quality care performance index pertaining to pressure ulcers and fall rates. Pressure ulcers and fall rates are both recognized as nursing-sensitive. The quality composite index was created to obtain a more holistic perspective pertaining to pressure ulcers and fall risks combined, rather than as single indicators. Seven unit types, varying with different educational level personnel were compared to see which had the best score based on the quality care index. The results indicated various values which were highly associated with better scores. Those included higher registered nurse skill mix, higher percentage of registered nurses with a baccalaureate in nursing or higher degree, nurses with national specialty certification, and lower percent of hours supplied by agency staff.
Clinical Question In phase one, the goal was to establish a unit-level inpatient composite nursing care quality performance index which incorporates hospital acquired pressure ulcers and fall rates for a more holistic view of nursing care quality. Phase two was based off the hypothesized relationship between the Pressure Ulcer and Fall…

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