A Preliminary Analysis Using Descriptive Statistics And Frequency Analysis

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Before proceeding with any statistical procedures, I conducted a preliminary analysis using descriptive statistics and frequency analysis. Both were used to assess the characteristics of the data, check for violations of assumptions underlying the statistical techniques, as well as address research specific data requirements (Pallant, 2013).
Using frequency analysis, I checked the minimum, maximum, and range of the categorical variables to identify errors and address the same. Additionally, I examined valid and missing values and investigated cases and variables displaying a large number of missing data. As shown in Table A4, the dataset consisted of 320 cases, of which 218 (68.1%) were associated with the 2004 GSS year and the remaining 102 (31.9%) with 2014. Most variables contained fewer than five missing cases. However, four variables were identified as issues of concern, containing more than 90 missing values. These included Milserve, News, Polviews, and Usewww. A further investigation into the matter through the use of grouping case summaries per year revealed that the missing values were typically confined to one year. Despite being identified as problematic, I retained these with caution to evaluate their potential influence on the relationship between ICTs and citizenship norms and dimensions on a year specific basis.
A closer review of the dichotomous variables called attention to the clustering of answers (Table A5). Specifically, Compuse, Infofrom, and…

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