Essay on A Prayer For The Voice Of A Bat By John Irving

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Owen Meany, a short statured child with the voice of a mouse proves to be the one God chooses, even though Johnny seems to be the more likely choice, given his characteristics. A Prayer for Owen Meany, by John Irving, is about the lifetime of two friends, Owen Meany and Johnny Wheelwright, who go on a journey of pre-destination, fate, and God. Owen and Johnny are trying to find themselves and where they belong in God’s eyes. “Nothing bears out in practice what it promises incipiently,” exemplifies a motif that recurs throughout the novel specifically during Johnny’s search for identity, Johnny’s search for faith and America’s search for values, leadership, and truth. Johnny struggles with his identity during the entire novel. From being cast in Owen’s shadow to feeling out of place, Johnny does not know how to become his own person. The death of Tabitha, Johnny’s mother, which occurred as a result of the fateful swing of a bat by Owen, adds a different meaning to Johnny’s lack of identity. He characterizes himself as: “Little Johnny Wheelwright, father unknown,” (11). He connects the thought that he does not know his father to how he is thought of as a person . Even though he connects his father and his own identity together, he states that, “And-at the time- that was okay with me. I never complained. One day, I always thought she [Tabitha] would tell me about it-when I was old enough to know the story. It was, apparently, the kind of story you had to be “old…

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