A Powerpoint Presentation That Was Used For A Class At A Made Up Institution

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My final project was a powerpoint presentation that was used for a class at a made up institution. The presentation was a top ten tips on how a totalitarian utopian society could eliminate or control individuality from occurring in their society. Totalitarian governments control every aspect of society, and many films about utopian societies have depicted these all controlling governments. The tips in the presentation focused on how you could run a utopian society that would eliminate individuality, and I supplied many examples from films screened in and out of class. By examining three of the films I cite in the presentation, I should be able to prove that they depict totalitarian utopias that were defied or overrun by the power of citizens that wanted to be individuals. Fairly early on in the presentation I mention the theory of Oligarchical Collectivism, which comes from the novel and film version of 1984 (Radford, 1984). The theory of Oligarchical Collectivism is that there are three tiers of citizens in the stories society, with the majority of citizens being obedient followers, known as the Proles. The government is run by the smallest portion of society known as the Inner Party, they make up the rules and dictate how the citizens will act and be punished. In between the Inner Party and the Proles is the Outer Party, citizens that help enforce the laws and messages of society. The members of the Outer Party don’t have the power of the Inner Party, but my presentation…

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