Essay about A Powerful Government And Its Hopeless Citizens

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A Powerful Government and Its Hopeless Citizens The struggling people of a country reflects the role of a totalitarian government. Syria has become a divided country because the president, Bashar al-Assad, has done little to nothing to unify and help his people. There has been an emergence of an ethnical divide to overthrow the government because the majority of the country—Sunnis—wants a democracy, while the opposing side—Shiites—is staying loyal to Bashar and the government. The downfall of the country is not only affecting the people from within, but it has seeped into other countries, especially the Middle Eastern region. Other nations are joining to help aid Syrians because the president and government is neglecting their people. However, these world power leaders must collaborate to end to the war and focus on the needs of Syrian refugees and civilians immediately. The flame that ignited this wild fire of murderous war was a peaceful uprising against al-Assad’s government. Syrians have always been inclined to overthrow the government, but they never had the courage to. The government’s tyrannical reigns were exceptionally powerful. The Syrians needed an incentive that would invoke a sense of passion and confidence to fight against the government. In Aj Jazeera’s “Syria’s Civil War Explained” he claims that with the “Arab Spring” revolts and protests in Tunisia and Egypt, the Syrians finally sparked a demonstration against Bashar and the government (Jazeera).…

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