Genre Blurring In Romeo And Juliet By Baz Luhrmann

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A real, emotional, moral story is one which tugs on the strings of the viewer’s heart. It should bring out the emotions of the viewer, and have those asking morally challenging questions. It must feel real, it must excite and enthrall its audience, and create a passion for the film from the opening scene. This is a difficult task to achieve by any director, and in my opinion, Baz Luhrmann has evolved into such a director who has achieved these things, however it has taken him a few films to reach this objective.
A Postmodern film can be described with a few main characteristics:
1. Its playfulness and self-reference – drawing attention to itself.
2. Genre Blurring (Multiple Genres).
3. Fragmentation (presence of many different cultures).
4. Uncertainty – Challenging moral laws,
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My outlook of Romeo and Juliet, is that it’s a fantastic film directed by Baz Luhrmann, however I feel that not that much work would be needed by the director to excite and enthrall the audience seeing as this is a classic story, one which everyone loves, and it would be hard for an audience to criticize Romeo and Juliet, and I therefore see that this story compliments Lurhmann’s directing, rather than Lurhmann’s directing complimenting the story. I feel that Luhrmann would need another chance to prove himself and find that this is where The Great Gatsby makes its perfect entrance.
Starting with its playfulness, The Great Gatsby is funny and interesting at the same time, which is a difficult combination to achieve. The audience beams, yet are also serious at the same time, and it is such a pleasure to watch this film. Luhrmann includes Genre Blurring and consists of drama, romance, and slight

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