A Post Terrorism World : An Analysis Of Privacy, Protection, And Underlying Bias

791 Words Jan 21st, 2015 4 Pages
Living In a Post-Terrorism World: An Analysis of Privacy, Protection, and Underlying Bias in Today’s Society Warfare has changed. Much as evolution is the natural course for humanity, war has too transitioned into an entity that can cripple even the mightiest nations. Gone is there era of clearly defined enemies and rushed in is a new episode of confusion, forced prejudice, and fear. With new terminology such as: sleeper cells, hajj, and jihad, it has become indoctrinated into the minds of the west to classify an entire civilization as evil. Looking at terrorism from an objective, yet western, stand point it can be concluded that racism and social stigmas are the byproduct of this new style of war; leaving millions of innocent individuals subjected unequivocal hatred. The latest of these attacks came from the headquarters of the Paris based newspaper Charlie Hebdo. On January 7, 2015 Islamic terrorists entered a satirical news agency and used assault weapons to kill eleven innocent civilians and injuring eleven more. With the attack, it is only natural that France and surrounding European Union nations heighten the security and begin using counter-terrorism tactics in order to keep themselves safe. This has led to thirty arrests and two deaths in the surrounding region. With the increase in terrorism, there is naturally going to be an increase in counter-terrorism, but is there a limit to the amount of privacy that citizens willing to release in order to gain an increase…

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