Essay on A Positive And Negative Way

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“Never let anyone define who you are or decide who you should become” (Mbiaka). This quote by Edmond Mbiaka implies that no one can change a person for the better. It is who that person chooses to be, makes them unique. In our daily life, people put titles on others by the way they walk, dress, and communicate. This can be taught in a positive and negative way. As children grow older, they learn judgment through their parents. Even though parents explain to their children the importance of judgment, parents still do it by using facial expressions, their body language, and comments made. We put labels on people without knowing the person and expect our views to be right; such as, weird, poor, rude, and not “lady-like”. Yet, the majority of the time our accusations are wrong. Literature illustrates how others will allow people to define them before they are able to define themselves. Stories and movies, such as “Borders,” “Cinderella,” and Smoke Signals all contains characters who have an impact on expressing who they are, and not allowing others to change who the characters are. The story “Borders” by Thomas King describes a moment when a mother and child are trying to pass the border into America, living between both countries of Canada; called a Coutt. The mother refuses to identify herself as an American or Canadian, and she describes herself as a Blackfoot. The guard insists, “Everyone who crosses our border has to declare their citizenship. Even Americans. It helps us…

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