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(The Quotation Page) Heifer uses education and the gift of an animal to turn a gift of livestock into sustainable income. Heifer chooses communities that have a high poverty level and a dire need for the projects. These project guidelines place Heifer projects all over the world. The reason Heifer chooses to bring projects into areas with high need is because one gift to an individual will turn into many gifts for many participants over time. Part of the agreement for the participant of the Heifer project program is that they have to go through the training on how to care for the animals and agree to pass on the training and first born female to a new participant of the program in the community. So one gift can turn into multiple gifts over time and the receiver becomes the giver which is a remarkable and proud moment for the Heifer project recipients.

Heifer International has a very diverse and specialized group of employees. Some of these employees are specialized in soil, livestock, philanthropy and education to name a few of the fields that are required to carry out the mission and projects. Heifer looks for individuals that are comfortable with diversity and knowing several languages is always a plus with all positions, whether you are headquartered in Zambia, Africa or Little Rock, Arkansas. Heifer strives to use donations in the most effective way and by hiring a staff that is able to communicate with each other from headquarters to the
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