A Political Science Of Tokyo University Essay

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As a political science major in Tokyo University, I had great grasp of what was happening on the other side of the world. In my country, Japan, the government under the command of the mighty Emperor Michinomiya Hirohito, was taking full advantage of expanding our territories while our allies of the Entente Powers were busy in fighting in Europe. (Encyclopedia Britannica, 10 May 2016)
It has been a week since our military destroyed the Imperial German Navy in request by our ally United Kingdom, who we have been in alliance with since 1902. The Japanese government announced today, August 14 1914, that an ultimatum was sent to Germany. This ultimatum meant that Germany was demanded to surrender its territories in East Asia and other Pacific territories. The foreign minister of Japan stated that the rejection of this ultimatum would result in a full-scale war against Germany.
In the front of the Japanese government and the Emperor, this presents an honorable image of our country Japan to the citizens. However, due to lack of transparency within the Japanese government, I realize that this is not quite the way it is. I am currently experiencing a serious dilemma to whether speak the truth about the true intentions of our nation’s government or to keep quiet in fear of retaliation from the higher powers of my country.
Believe me, our people are doing quite well, living relatively peacefully with low crime rates and great wealth and prosperity. There is no reason for us to be…

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