Essay about A Political Culture During The Biafran War

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There was never more a conflictual political culture than that during the Biafran War. Then, the whole country exhibited severe resentment towards the Igbo people. The favorite war-strategy of the Nigerian military was to starve Biafra. They prohibited any Nigerian food from crossing the border and shot down Red Cross relief planes. In Biafra, the Nigerian army was even more ruthless, shooting thousands of Nigerians, mostly women and children. During the Calabar massacre, the Nigerian military force opened fire on fourteen nurses and their patients. The military killed at least 1,000 Igbo inhabitants committing other war crimes such as rape, robbery, and brigandry on their way to Port Harcourt. During this war, it was common for the Nigerians to bomb Biafran food markets. In one area where Achebe stayed, a bunker was set up to take shelter. During a bombing his family took shelter, that is all but his youngest child. When Achebe’s wife Chrissie found out, she ran out into the war zone and took her son into the bunker. While political subcultures are common in every country, ones which align on the basis of ethnicity, region, and religion embody a conflictual political culture.

What are the three biggest problems facing Nigeria?

The three biggest problems facing Nigeria right now are corruption, the rise of terrorism, and ethnic tensions. The system of prebendalism in Nigeria encourages corruption. Elected leaders feel obligated to give back to their ethnic support in the…

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