A Political Campaign For The Republican Party Presidential Candidate

1000 Words Jul 23rd, 2015 null Page
During a crisis to a political campaign perception can become reality. This means that what the public thinks of a candidate can determine their success or failure in gaining public approval. This ultimately affects their chances of getting elected or holding their respected position. Therefore, it is important for a candidate to use crisis management in attempt to decrease the negative publicity or the voter’s perception will cause the end to their campaign. Lately, Donald Trump, specifically his campaign efforts for the Republican Party presidential candidate, has sparked a lot of negative publicity and criticism. From his comments on illegal immigrants to more recently his statements about John McCain, Trump has been perceived as offensive.
The first statement made by Trump that received a lot of negative attention was on illegal immigrants. In June, during his announcement speech to run, he stated that illegal immigrants from Mexico were rapists and murderers. (Kohn, 2015) Another statement made by Trump that upset the public happened this past weekend. While at The Family Leadership Summit in Iowa, Trump said in regards to John McCain as a war hero, “He is a war hero because he was captured, and I like people that weren 't captured” (Scott, Preston, & Bradner, 2015). This caused a lot of outrage from people all across America who felt Trump had no respect to Prisoners of Wars and should not have dismissed John McCain as a war hero. Also, the fact that he publicly…

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