A Poison Tree By Grenville Kleiser Essay

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Poetry is an art of composition; it is a collection of words that express an emotion or idea, sometimes with a specific rhythm. Many write poems for an emotional escape; some write them professionally, and others find comfort in them. When it comes to evaluating a good or bad poem, it is important to understand that a bad poem fails to achieve excellence if it is sentimental, and too rhetorical; On the other hand, a poem is good when it contributes to the achievement of the central purpose, and if the purpose was important and delivered successfully. William Blake, composer of "A Poison Tree," wrote this poem in order to show that hidden wrath becomes more dangerous when it is hidden. "The Most Vital Thing in Life" written by Grenville Kleiser, is a poem about how if we remain calm, and take the time to clear our heads in a bad situation, we will have more positive outcomes despite the negative situations. While both these poems are successful, Blake 's poem "A Poison Tree," is superior because it has a good purpose worth mentioning, and the message was successfully delivered without preaching redundancy. The central purpose of "The Most Vital Thing in Life" is to show that not getting angry at every negative situation is the best way to master the most important lesson in life. This poem is supposed to be an inspirational poem that portrays its meaning through simple words and context. The underlying theme of this poem is that people find it easier to be hurtful rather…

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