A Poem In Relation To Natural Selection

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A Poem in relation to Natural Selection
When one thinks of a giant crack of lighting whitening the sky or the massive roaring of an erupting volcano, the first thing that might befall their mind is violence and destruction. Watching the wrath of mother nature before your eyes can be disheartening. Several movies have depicted her power such as San Andreas (2015), and Geostorm (2017). While these movies are fictional they do display how terrifying nature can be to the frailty of life. Evolutionary systems such as natural selection and survival of the fittest, weed out the weak and increase the strong. Nature can often be a very cruel mistress to the artist as it disregards quantity and only acknowledges the quality. From the fantastic and massive
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Taking a few lines from “Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey”, we can see some striking similarities between Charles Darwin’s revolutionary theory and the theme of the poem. The poem describes a hermit living in a cave trying to survive from “Five years have past; five summers, with the length of five long winters!” (Woodsworth 1798). This hermit has endured the worst nature has to offer to survive for so long under the harshness of both summer and winter. Just like the hermit, any human can testify to the difficulties of surviving without the help of civilization. This year, a young woman, Lisa Theris, got lost in the wilderness of Alabama in the United States. From her story of survival, she tells "If it rained I'd have to like squeeze the water out of my hair and drink it. (Osunsami and McCarthy, …show more content…
Any scientist can vouch for the violent power of nature, just as a stray cat can tell you through its behavior what it has been through surviving the elements. If we are to take the hermit’s tale of survival just as seriously as natural selection, then we must be aware that anyone surviving outside civilization is under its will to live another day, because it is by not by coincidence that they will live to see the light of the next summer or the darkness of next winter. It is only by their will to give up their former pleasures that they can actually have the ability to live like a hermit under a cave. Remembering who you are as a person is the least important of your worries when you are under the laws of natural

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