A Poem Centered Around Death, Loss, And Beauty, By Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe, a man who faced much critiquing during his time, wrote a poem centered around death, loss, and beauty, “The Raven”. Although in the twenty-first century this topic would seem odd and not many people could relate to the poem, during Poe’s time this type of poem was expected and praised highly. Poe, unlike most men, lost his mother at a very young age, causing him to worship females and hold them closer than males. Although this poem is about a young student who is “harassed” by a ghost that reminds him countless times of his lover, many people still are able to notice the similarities to Poe’s life. The themes reflected in “The Raven” convey the loss and death suffered by Edgar Allan Poe in his life. Edgar Allan Poe was born January 19, 1809, in Boston, Massachusetts, to two actors, David and Eliza Poe. He was abandoned by his father, and shortly after his mother was diagnosed with tuberculosis resulting in her death. Benton writes in his article of Poe, that Eliza Poe was most troubled by the idea of leaving her young children on their own (1.) From Poe’s outlook of his mother, he formed an outlook on women that they were angelic creatures who deserved love and everything they ever dreamed of. In a letter to a family friend Poe says, “To have known her is to be the object of great interest in my eyes.” Although he did not know this man he still had all the interest in the world for him simply because he had known his mother. Many people believe that…

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