Essay on A Plan For My Own Personal Wellness

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Introduction In this paper, I will lay out a plan for my own personal wellness, it will cover the immediate future, and for the next two years. It will lay out a plan to improve all seven dimensions of wellness. I will also discuss the health benefits of fitness, benefits of it to my lifestyle, and also the importance of physical fitness to my future public safety career. I will also lay out a one month workout plan, detailing how many times per week, and the specific workouts that I will be doing. I will also provide a one week nutritional plan that I will follow. I will also come up with details on how I will keep myself motivated, by being involved in wellness communities.
Personal Wellness Goals
Intellectual Wellness
S- For intellectual wellness I will continue leaning new things from the 1.5 years of school I have left, I also plan to learn through life experience, by volunteering in the community. I also plan to take some CrossFit courses, which will teach me new workout routines.
M- This is measurable, as I will be taking courses, and getting grades from them. For the volunteering, I will be credited with the hours that I volunteer.
A- This is achievable
R- This is realistic
T-This is timed, as I will be learning for the next 1.5 years in school, and volunteering.
Intellectual wellness is important to me, because I believe that everyone should always try and learn new things, it helps develop you as a person, and enjoyment of life. For this I can measure my…

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