Essay A Plan For Implementing A Program For Educating Communities

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The objective of this research is to develop a plan for implementing a program for educating communities in developing African countries in regards to infertility. Numerous research on how infertility affects communities have been conducted. All reviewed literature used interviews to conduct their studies. These studies usually begin by discussing the value of children, causes for infertility and ways many infertile couples are trying to deal with infertility. What the researched literature also shows is that many infertile couples are casted out and insulted by family members and the communities they live in and in fact are denied basic rights because they are childless. However, conversations on how more understanding could be encouraged among those communities, is almost never discussed and this is exactly what needs to change.
The Importance of Children The article by Fikir Aseffa explains that the purpose of children in many developing countries is to have a stable marriage. As marriages without children most often end in divorce, infidelity and polygamy (Aseffa, 2011). Children are seen as supporters of their family as they enter the workforce at a relatively young age to help their parents on the farm for example. In addition, they are also seen as the ones who will take care of their parents once they get old and can no longer take care of themselves. Writers Violet Kimani and Joyce Olenja even argue that when a women gives birth, she…

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