Essay on A Place That Has Changed My Life

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A place that has changed in my life is school. School used to be a hard, unforgiving and cruel place. The teachers were mean and uncaring. I went to Key Learning Community to start with and then the Excel Center. The change in school has been a positive change. I now realize that there are people who care and want to see you succeed in life. I was once a lazy, failing high school dropout. I gave up because I did not think anybody cared about me. Six long years passed before I came back and tried again and the difference was unbelievable. It was complete one hundred eighty degree turn around. I am now a better student and person because of it. In 2003 I was starting middle school and my parents found a school called the Key Learning Community. They liked the program because it was project based and had all twelve grades. Middle School was rough because they did not know how to handle my special needs. They called my mom if I threw a piece of paper across the room. They did not try to work with me in the way they were suppose to. I had a special needs teacher who always wanted to call my mom when I was doing something I was not supposed to instead of dealing with it herself. She never followed my IE. My mom said she came in one day because I was sitting in my chair being jittery but meanwhile I kid was standing in his chair. The teacher acted she did not notice. Seriously these kids threw eggs over the balcony and ran like wild animals in the room. Over half my…

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