A Place Of Stand By Jimmy Santiago Baca Essay

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A Place to Stand

In every person 's life there are a lot of times when you face difficulties and everything has gone wrong. You lost a person that means the whole life to you and lost your job all at the same time. At that point you will know your character more and how you get over your problems. Will you be a better person from inside and out or you make the same mistake again ? Only days will tell. When it comes to Jimmy Santiago Baca in his memoir “ A Place to Stand “ He depicts the difficulties he confronted and he wish to be acknowledged by the general public, his companions, and by his family. Even though he faces a lot of challenges, but he determined to find his right place to stand. He takes a right look at his life and convinces himself to do better and accomplish his goals. During his childhood, Baca was depending only on himself. Like any other family Baca’s parents were the most influence in their child life , but Baca’s life goes through hell with his parents. As a young age Baca had seen his father drunk and in jail , which is something that changes his life forever. Baca’s mother had made a big mistake during her life, marrying a person that she knows he is not right for her, Baca’s father. And later on she makes another big mistake, which is to abandon her kids and create another life for her. Baca was knowing that his whole life will change and his coming days will be better with God…

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