A Place Gives Supports And Helps Teens Who Are Aborted Essay

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2.1 A Place Gives Supports and Helps Teens Who Are Aborted Teens who have an abortion would be shame and afraid to talk about their feelings and thoughts to other people. Most importantly, they often pretend normal in front of others, while inside they feel perplexed and helpless. Therefore, they would hide their feelings and thoughts inside their mind, which cause many mental and psychological issues to slowly developed. Teens who have an abortion need more cares and supports from either friends or families. Sometimes, they might be unwilling to talk about their problems with others; as a result, there has many organization and agencies are providing private counseling and group activities to cope teens after abortion. Teens who are aborted need more supports and cares from others. According to the Elliot Institute, a nonprofit organization that provides cope and healing programs to teens. Meanwhile, this nonprofit organization was also found by David C. Reardon who has a Ph.D. in biomedical ethics. “Remember, you are not alone! Many others have experienced abortion and pregnancy-related injustices harm and heartbreak. Many others care about you and hope, help and healing are possible” (Help and Healing). This is an incentive quote from this organization, its aim is to give support and motivation to teens to start a new life after an abortion. At the same time, it wants to let teens know that they are alone, there is always a place that they would come and ask for help.…

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