Essay on A Place At The Table

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“A Place at the table”
1. Most documentary films try to present a problem (or problems) and potential solutions. Describe in your own words the problem presented in the film. What needs correcting in our environment or our society?
In the film "A Place at the Table", several social issues, the good and not so good, were brought to light. The problems of food deserts, lack of availability for fresh fruits and vegetables, and the coalition with serious diseases, and childhood obesity. The problem that exists in the welfare and food stamp programs and the challenges that that our local schools and food banks face to provide healthy meals on such a low budget. I got the impression that in some cases being unemployed was better that having a job and trying to pay the bills. This is backward thinking, we need to provide support to those who what to work and/or go back to school. I can see that some people do take advantage of the systems in place to help the people, but we should provide help to those who are trying to help themselves.
2. Do you agree with the solutions presented? Describe why or why not. If no solutions are presented, what solutions would you present?
The solution to the problem is multifaceted; it will take a greater understanding of what is needed to help the working poor. It is hard to see that we feed people all over the world, but children are starving right here in our own communities. Here in Jacksonville/ Duval County we have several local food…

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