A Place At The Table Interesting And Thought Provoking Essay examples

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I found the movie, A Place at the Table interesting and thought provoking. I enjoyed that the movie showed people from different backgrounds and their stories, instead of just one person’s perspective. I liked how each person told their own story, but there was also a common theme of how they came to live in America and the struggles their families faced. I learned a lot about different cultures from the stories that were told during the movie. One of the most interesting things that I took away from the movie was that most of their ancestors thought that America was this amazing place to live For example, Wisdom though she would find money on the ground, while others thought they would find gold, easy jobs, and make a lot of money. However, when they arrived in the United States they were disappointed to find that none of their dreams about America were true and they had to face the harsh reality of being in a new country. Before watching the movie, I knew a lot of the history that was behind the students’ stories. However, the history books do not always have the full story. I think that in many instances the conditions were worse than they appear to be in the books. For example, I did not know that the Europeans would give the Native Americans blankets that were from small pox patients in the hospitals. I knew that they were not treated well and were driven off of most of their land, but it is the details like this that I never learned in school. Another fact that I…

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