A Place At Stand By Jimmy Santiago Baca Essay

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In Jimmy Santiago Baca’s memoir “ A place to Stand” Jimmy from a young age is constantly battling internal demons and is faced time and time again with situations that are beyond difficult to control, through it all all, all he ever wants like everyone on this planet is a family, a family that is their for him in the good time and the bad and some to love him and stand by his side unconditionally.

In a crucial scene in the beginning of the memoir Jimmy talks about his mother leaving him and his siblings with his grandparents and eventually being placed in a group home because his grandfather died and his grandmother was too old to take care of him and his older brother Mieyo. Jimmy never lost hope that one day him and his siblings would reunite with his parents and they would be a family again. “ At seven years old, I could never accept that my parents had abandoned us. What a shock! Thinking we were going to join them, Mieyo and I were driven instead to an orphanage and dropped off nuns escorted us up a flight of stairs into the dark, creaky third floor dorm with kids with cots lined up on each side of the long room I was scared and confused, weeping and clinging to Mieyo, begging to be taken back to my grandparents in Estancia because my parents were coming to get us. No matter how hard the nuns tried to explain, not a day passed that I didn’t expect my parents to come.(pg18) A scene that comes up time and time again throughout the book, Jimmy really believing in his…

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