Essay on A Picture Of A Boy

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The Boy He grew up in a home full of abuse and neglect. His father left him when he was only eleven years old. Today the boy is fifteen and struggles with depression, self-abuse, anger, and violent behavior. The boy feels unwanted and worthless. Is it his fault he does not know he was made for good? There are many stories just like this boy, who grow up in homes full of physical abuse, drug abuse, and neglect. In a Christ in Youth advertisement in Relevant Newspaper, a picture of a boy is portrayed with the words: “MADE FOR GOOD” written over his face, to raise the awareness that youth need to be told that they were made on purpose, and there is a better way of life than the circumstances that may surround them. The advertisement shows a young boy’s face, and he appears to be observing something that the viewer cannot see. The expression on the boy’s face shows that of confusion and dissatisfaction. The entire ad has a light blue contrast. Over the image of the boy are printed the words “MADE FOR GOOD” in white, bold letters. Some of the letters in the text cover the image of the boy, while other are slightly behind his image. At first glance, the viewer’s initial response is to reason with the idea “of course a child is made for good.” This thought begins to raise the understanding that today’s youth are extremely troubled. A study done by Permanente Adverse Child Experiences shows, that about twenty-eight percent of kids in the U.S. experience some form of physical…

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