A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Essay

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There is saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. This idiom means that a picture can explain a whole story. In this situation, this quote does apply; however, the picture does not explain a story, but picture explains is body type. In discussions of A-Force, some have said that the female characters on the cover are portrayed too pornographically. A hero in particular was mentioned in many articles about her body type: She-Hulk. She-hulk of the big green woman on the cover of A-Force is constantly being judge about her appearance. She and the rest of her fellow female superheroes are constantly being judged. So, what is the purpose of female superheroes?
A-Force is a comic that was introduced to the public on May 2015. The comic is taken place on a peaceful island called Arcada. It lies distant and is the remaining of the comic book universe. The island is filled with people, good and bad. The good on the island is a group of females. On that island, there are heroes- female superheroes. She-Hulk as the leader of the superhero team directs and alerts everyone of an upcoming or approaching attack. One day, a gigantic shark attacked the once peaceful island. The team was unsuccessful at first at diminishing the evil shark. At this moment, Ms. America, in order to save civilians, flings the gigantic shark over the shield. Over the shield was the land of the Deadland, which was a placethat was isolated from Arcada. By doing this, Ms. America breaches the law, as a…

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