A Physician 's Primary Responsibility Essay

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A physician’s primary responsibility is to provide patients with the best treatment and communicate openly with them regarding their condition. In the scenario presented, Dr. Edwards examines a patient who is presenting with a cough, shortness of breath, and blood in his sputum. The patient was previously examined eight months ago for the same symptoms by Dr. Edward’s colleague who is now on medical leave. Dr. Edwards orders an x-ray and blood tests. The radiologist report concludes the presence of a lung nodule; however the radiologist also informs the Dr. Edwards the lung nodule was present 11 months ago on a prior exam. Dr. Edwards reviews the notes; however there is no documentation in the patient’s medical record. Further testing leads to the diagnosis of lung cancer which has now spread to the patient’s lymph nodes. There are primary ethical dilemmas we can conclude as follows:
Honesty – physician has an obligation to provide a diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment options
Patient-Physician relationship – each party needs to maintain trust and confidence in each other
Communication – the physician neglected to inform the patient of radiology report findings
Patient Medical Records – the physician did not document all relevant health related information
Treatment – due to the neglect of physician ordering additional testing; treatment has been delayed

It is expected that a physician would maintain the standards of honesty, communication and treatment when working…

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