A Photograph Of Uc Davis University Of California Police Officer

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The image I chose is a photograph of UC Davis students peacefully protesting while sitting down and being pepper sprayed by a University of California Police Officer. The photograph was taken on November 18th, 2011. This image has many elements in it which include the Police Officer using pepper spray, the students sitting peacefully being maced, the spectators watching in shock and anger, and a group of armed officers in riot gear in the background. I found this image interesting because I am a student who was a proponent of what the Occupy movement stood for. The Occupy Movement is a campaign to end class inequality and spread awareness about how our country’s wealth is distributed. We still see police abusing power and inflicting unnecessary damage on community members today, and this photo had an interesting dynamic of the aggressor being a person we are supposed to respect and feel safe with. In this essay I will discuss what I found interesting in this image and some underlying factors that may have created the situation that we see.
While viewing images it is important to recognize what the creator may have altered in order to manipulate viewers’ thoughts or opinions. This image however appears to be objective in the sense that what we are viewing actually happened in the way that it looks. After seeing similar images from different angles we can say with a high degree of confidence that this is not an image that has been altered. Therefore we can trust this image…

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