A Photograph Of A Water Balloon Popping Essay

1286 Words Dec 16th, 2015 6 Pages
Throughout the semester we’ve been talking about art. For my project I wanted to do something I love, so I have a photograph of a water balloon popping. Photography is a way of art because it can capture people, objects, scenes, etc, in a photograph. One photograph can say a lot about something. As for my photo, it does not have a universal message but it says something about how I like to see things. I like to capture objects that someone wouldn 't usually see by just looking with their eyes, like a water balloon popping. You can see it happen but not the form and how it really looks because it happens so fast. I came up with this idea because I’m really into photography and wanted to learn more about the settings of my DSLR Nikon camera. I’ve seen similar photos that people have taken that look like they froze an object that’s too fast to capture with any regular camera or even the human eye. I was interested in how it would look because people can’t really see how a water balloon pops because it happens so fast. I learned about my cameras settings and had to play around with them to get exactly what I was looking for. I had to get the right aperture, shutter speed, focus and iso. First, I had to fill some water balloons because I knew it was going to take a few tries until I got the shot I wanted. Then I set my camera up on a tripod so there’s no movement and placed it in the view I wanted my picture taken from. I took a few photos first knowing it was going to be…

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