A Philosophy Of Global Citizenship Essay

1866 Words Dec 15th, 2016 8 Pages
Philosophy is the fundamental nature and process of understanding the disparate aspects of existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language through the problems presented by these matters of life. In order to examine and formulate a philosophy of global citizenship, a deep understanding of the aspects of life and the underlying social, political, economical, ecological, and technological problems and nature of globalization is necessary. The principal branch of philosophy that analyzes such factors is known as value theory or axiology (ethics and aesthetics). In constructing an axiological philosophy of globality, analyzing problems and actions should follow a systems thinking approach. Similar to systems thinking in community service in global action, “enacted solutions can create problems in different areas if not ‘analyzed’ on a larger scale that incorporates all aspects of the problem”. A global citizen takes action by building on values and eradicating injustices in order to create positive changes in society. Yet, in order to create change on a global scale, a group of people with a deep understanding of the problems faced by a society are needed.
An individual might have the intention to create positive global change, and while an individual can create lifestyle changes that may benefit their immediate environment, one person can only create less than 0.00000002 percent of change. The problem lies in the fact that different people act for different reasons…

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