A Philosophical Stand Off Essay

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A Philosophical Stand-Off
The pre-Socratic philosophers were among the first to lay the foundation upon which our current beliefs and philosophies were built upon. These philosophers of ancient Greece were some of the very first scholars to apply logic to the universe and attempt to rationalise the world around them. Just the thought that these individuals had such a colossal ability to infer, with regard to the era they presided in and the resources accessible to them, is simply remarkable. Their resolve to make sense of their chaotic world created the pathway toward present time scientific deduction and inferences. And it is for these very feats, are these philosophers are remembered from throughout time. While many of these philosophers were of agreeable nature and followed a certain pattern of mentor-and-student relationship with continuous passage of the previous philosopher’s beliefs; That however, did not prevent the presence of disagreements amongst them. And so they disagreed. And when referring to ancient philosophical disagreements, the clash of the Heraclitus’ and Parmenides’ schools of thought can never be disregarded.
This essay will thoroughly examine and contrast the philosophies of both, Heraclitus and Parmenides. Irrespective of their prevalent philosophical conclusions, both of these men were rather similar to each other to some extent. Both were present during the pre-Socratic era and both aimed to answer the principal question of ‘what exactly is the…

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