Essay on A Personal Statement On Medicine

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1. Beyond what you have written in your AMCAS Personal Comments and the Experience section, please describe your medically related experiences and how they have contributed to your understanding of medicine and your motivation to pursue this career? (max 1500 characters)building relationships, continuity of care (medical examiners office or ED)- growing up with medicine care clinic, dad- relationships-childeren IBD, special needs and dementia being the person they trust as health care provider.

As the daughter of a healthcare professional, medicine was a constant throughout my life; however, my understanding and motivation to pursue this career came from my experiences. Through the shadowing of various physicians, I realized that developing trusting relationships with patients was the first vital aspect of medicine. Then while traveling to rural Honduras on a medical brigade, volunteering at a clinic for the uninsured, and serving as a camp counselor for children with IBD, I realized everyone wanted to be cared for by a doctor whom they could trust to provide quality care. This trust begins with listening to health problems and using social context to put the symptoms in the proper perspective. In any setting to maintain the trust of their patients, physicians must think critically and analytically to diagnose ailments and adapt treatment depending on symptoms and their severity. This requires physicians to be lifelong learners. My…

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