A Personal Relationship With Jesus Christ Essay

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The Merriam-Webster Dictionary (2016) defines godliness as, “the quality or state of being spiritually pure or virtuous.” Holiness, devoutness, and sanctity are all synonyms of godliness. Godlessness and unholiness are examples of antonyms of godliness. In Scripture, the Greek word eusebelia translates into godliness. The root meaning of eusebelia is broken down into two parts. First, eu, which means “well” and sebomai, which means “to be devout” (Strong, 2007). Furthermore, an outlook that acts in a manner that is lovely to God portrays this Greek word. There are two major obstacles that stand in the way of obtaining godliness. The first obstacle involves an absence of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Without salvation and a personal relationship, being devout is an empty task. It leads us to be devout in other aspects of our lives that ultimately lead to empty promises. The second obstacle includes our lifestyle. In order to become godly, we must possess a lifestyle that wholly reflects Jesus’ actions. If we, as Christians, pursue worldly traditions and passions, it will hinder us from obtaining holiness. We can have a personal relationship with Jesus and still be ungodly. We must live a life of continual repentance and we must allow Christ to keep molding us into whom He desires. In order to further grasp knowledge, I will discuss three examples of knowledge: an Old Testament, a New Testament character, and an example in my individual life. An Old Testament…

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