A Personal Reflection On The Patient Essay

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A personal reflection I found was in May of 2015. The patient was a female and 87 years old. The first couple of symptoms that were experienced by the patient 's daughter was her mother fell out of bed, could not get up and does not remember that ever happening. After this incident the mother could not live alone anymore and her daughters slept over to see if anything else happens. She was starting to gradually lose her motor skills and was refusing a doctor 's help. Eventually she went to see a doctor and at this point there was no diagnosis yet, but her hallucinations were becoming a lot worse as she was thinking she was in war from long ago. June 26th a turning point because as they were leaving she thought they were kidnapping her and the nurse called for medical help and she was put in the hospital where they finally were able to diagnose LBD.
Another personal reflection I found was in January of 2007. The patient was male with no age stated. In 2008 she said that he would run into walls, forget where he was, ran the car into the garage, etc. She was diagnosed with cancer which made her pass away in 2009. This happening to her brought her son to take care of her where he was able to understand what was going on with his father that she had been talking about. It has become so hard over time for him to take care of his dad that he eventually is going to put him in a nursing home where he will eventually pass away because there is nothing his son can do for him because…

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