A Personal Reflection On Education Essay

843 Words Nov 9th, 2015 4 Pages
Throughout life many lessons are learned. These past lessons mold a person into whom they are and who they will be. There is no real failure except the failure to learn from mistakes. I have learned that education comes from life experiences, self study and application of critical thinking in all situations. I choose a path in life that differed in many ways with traditional education. On this path many of the lessons learned were difficult and painful although necessary in forming the person I am today. I am unapologetic about my past; I have endeavored to be successful and provide a comfortable life for my family and myself. On this journey I learned that despite having the intellectual ability and self learning, society does not respect an educated individual unless a degree is attached. I will endeavor to persevere and attain the goals I have set to secure a better future. Timothy Givens will do well in this English 1301 class and eventually receive a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science through faith, perseverance and the ambition to secure stability for his family and himself. Faith is a principle of life that enables me to exercise complete confidence and trust in my abilities. Whenever we strive toward a desirable goal, we are exercising faith. We are showing our optimism in achieving a goal not yet realized. Faith has given me strength to continue on through adversity in life and to overcome obstacles placed in pursuit of future goals. Without faith a person…

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