A Personal Philosophy Of Nursing Essay

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To have a personal philosophy of nursing is important in practice because it is what guides you alongside your beliefs to provide patient care. Kearney-Nunnery discusses that a philosophy of nursing is a nurses beliefs or worldview (2012). These beliefs and worldviews make a nurse who they are. Nurses contribute a little of who they are with every patient that they care for. Nursing is so many things to so many people, but it is personal to me. It is that caring respect that a nurse has for her patient. It is the trust that a patient puts into the nurses hands. There is something special about the nursing profession and caring for people at their worst and their best. I believe the definition of nursing is putting someone 's needs above your own, and to help them achieve holistic health. I believe that nursing exists to help those who cannot help themselves. There are some people out there that need the support and guidance through both simple and complex health concerns. Nursing fulfills those needs. Nursing is not for everyone. It takes a certain kind of person to heal the broken spirits. In the beginning, I was not sure that I could be that person. I now know that I can. Practicing nursing is something that I hold near and dear to my heart. My motivation for practicing is the satisfaction I get when I see my frail and fragile patient learn to walk again. My patients are my motivation. Another motivation is my children. I strive to set a good example for them to…

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