Essay on A Personal Philosophy Of Education

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A Personal Philosophy of Education Education is the foundation of society. It will take place in the home, in the school, and in the community. People educate based on what they believe, and what they believe is formed through their experiences. Having taught for a quarter of a century, my education is still ongoing; teaching is a craft to be honed throughout the course of a lifetime. As the country and the world wrestle with new ideas, the means and methods of education will change, but the goal of education will not. As a teacher, it is imperative to understand the view of learner, the role of education, and my personal role as an educator.
A View of the Learner
An educator should view the learner as a fellow human being. Humans are seekers, constantly looking for satisfaction. Socrates said that the ultimate end of all activities was happiness. He said that no one ever seeks for happiness in order to achieve something else. Happiness is an end in itself. The question humans need to have answered is how they can find happiness.
Answering the question of happiness requires answering three other related questions. The first consideration is that of origin. Either the world around us is here by chance, or it was created by someone. Another question is that of life purpose. Either a purpose exists or life is meaningless. The third question regards the afterlife. Death is obvious. Whether or not death is an end to existence is a serious question with possible consequences.…

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