Personal Statement: A Personal Perspective

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Journal Entry One: A Personal Perspective As a school leader my beliefs about school improvement is fairly simple. I believe that you need to develop a staff that can help produce student achievement. You can do that by studying data and using teachers in leadership roles. I think it’s important if you want to make a difference on your campus you need to hire great teachers. "Many studies have pointed to the nature and quality of teachers’ professional relations with one another as a key contributor to their ability to sustain instructional reform (Cooper et al. 1998; Gersten et al. 2000; Klingner et al. 1999; McLaughlin and Mitra 2001). (Coburn, 2012, pg. 138) I think this quote helps make my point if I want to have a great campus I …show more content…
I know we have three committees that are solely committed to making changes on campus to help better it for all stakeholders. We try to develop the staff as well as the students through data and goals they write every year. Even when we have a successful year the leaders of the campus meet and try to see what areas need improvement. They are very organized and try to use technology to map our goals. Our campus is always looking for new innovating ways to better the education of the students. We are always looking for new strategies and ways to incorporate technology in the classroom. The school’s number one goal is to provide viable curriculum every day in the classroom for every class. One of the most significant factors that impacts student achievement is that teachers commit to implementing a guaranteed and viable curriculum to ensure no matter who teaches a given class, the curriculum will address certain essential content. The effect of this strategy is new techniques along with professional development strategies. We are tracking student data more in the classroom to show our results to the leaders and the students. The strength of this strategy is we have a lot of support and fresh new ideas to help us. We also get a lot of support from the staff and from colleagues. The weakness is the time commitment. There are a lot of things we have to do for this training and provide more paper work for evaluations. We also have to have a lot more documentation for our end of the year bonus based off of this goal. It can be stressful, but it’s best for the students. This class has helped me realize how important data breakdown is to the school and your teaching process. I think we need to have professional development or some type of training on data processing. Data can be easily read, but we need to know what to do with it once we have to make the correct changes. The disposition that relates to this topic is

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