A Personal Perspective And Familiarity With The Culture Essay

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1) The Austronesian languages are spoken throughout Southeast Asia, Madagascar and the islands of the Pacific Ocean. I believe the language started to spread in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia and the Philippians and made its way to Madagascar. Because most of these countries are islands the language would have distributed by traveling, trading, and immigrating
2) Participant observation has both its pros and cons. One of the strengths of this approach is that the researcher who does the observation does gain a personal perspective and familiarity with the culture. One of the cons is that the observation could be considered time consuming. To really learn and understand a culture, it would take some time to collect data to answer particular questions. Another disadvantage would be ther a
3) Reciprocity would be considered a mutual exchange of services and goods between people. The three forms of reciprocity differentiate how these goods and services are exchanged. Generalized reciprocity consists of generosity and one sided gains. The exchange only benefits one side. The side that is giving is not expecting anything in return and they are satisfied with the exchange. Balanced reciprocity however is an exchange between two groups that expect an equivalent exchange but it has to be immediately. Negative reciprocity occurs when someone is exchanging something that they do not want to give up or wanting to attempt to receive something with more value than what they give.

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