A Personal Narrative Essay: It Will Changed My Life

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That day twenty years ago started like any other day, I woke up, got ready for school, ate breakfast and left to meet my best friends Jamie and Christine so we can walk to school together. What I didn’t know is in a split second my life would change my life forever.
The memories of that day are still a little fuzzy, it feels like mini clips from a movie. I remember it was cloudy and drizzling on that day. I was walking along talking to my friends. Then stopping at a busy intersection waiting for the light to change. I remember my friend Christine bending down to tie her shoe; then the light turning green. I remember my friend Jamie telling me to go ahead so I wouldn’t be late for school and that she will wait for Christine to finish tying her shoe. Also, that they would catch up to with me. I don’t know why I agreed to cross the street without them, but in a split second simultaneous thing happened, I stepped off the curb, my friend looked up from tying her shoe, seen the car speeding around the corner then calling my name me looking back at her. Everything after that was like a dream. I thought I heard someone scream to call 911 and brakes screeching, and what seemed like moments later. I thought I heard sirens in the distance. I remember feeling wet and uncomfortable but, then nothing but…darkness. The next thing I remember is waking up in the emergency room with an I.V in each arm and a tube down my nose. I felt very disoriented; I had a
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I had to go to therapy three times a week for six months. For that six months, I worked really hard and pushed myself and I finally got the full range of motion back, but the doctor said I would have problems with arthritis for the rest of my life at this point this seemed so insignificant after everything I went through that

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