A Personal Legend In The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho

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A Personal Legend is what someone is destined to do or is their sole purpose in life. The novel The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is about the shepherd boy Santiago who has a dream about finding treasure, and comes to find out it’s his personal legend to go through all the hardships to find this treasure. Many people today follow Coelho’s expression that in order to achieve true success one has to accomplish the four obstacles when pursing their passions.
A Personal Legend is “… what you have always wanted to accomplish” (Coelho 20). When Santiago finds out that his personal legend is to go search for the hidden treasure, he believes Mechizedek because he had just had a dream about finding this treasure. As Santiago initiates his journey, he comes
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Santiago is faced with this when he falls in love with Fatima. He almost decides not to go on his personal legend and be with her instead. The Alchemist tells Santiago that as time goes on if you do not achiever your personal legend than she will start to drift away from you. The Alchemist explains that true love comes with being a personal legend and it does not stand in the way of your dreams. Fatima exemplifies true love because she urges him to continue his quest to finding his personal legend. “Love” that keeps us from our own dreams, is not true …show more content…
Not having a strong support system of a loved one can bring down one’s self esteem and cause the person to just give up on their personal legend. People believe that their only happiness comes from being the love of their life. In this case it can cause regret just like it would off to Santiago with Fatima.
Santiago’s third obstacle is fear of failing his personal legend. Santiago overcomes this obstacle of failure by finding it within himself to create a sandstorm. At first he is unsure how to make the sandstorm and he doubts himself as he feels like it is impossible to do. In the end, he is able to create the sandstorm because he never gave up. He has learned that anything he puts his mind to is possible.
The fear of failing is how one shows that no matter what it has to be perfect the first time. But nothing is ever perfect the first time around. Sergio Ruzzier explains that “I know it sounds timid and uninspiring, but I 'm just being honest: I don 't like to experiment because I am afraid of failure”. He is a painter afraid of using color in his paintings because he did not want to fail by not please his viewers. After twenty-five years he went to buy watercolors and is still experimenting with them because of his fear of failing. People are afraid of failure because they do not expect anything less than perfect of themselves. The fear of failure makes people believe that

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