Essay about A Personal Experience On The Healthcare Field

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I feel extremely fortunate and lucky that I have had relatively little personal experience in the healthcare field. Most of my family, outside of grandparents that were in their 80s, has also been relatively healthy. I have not had cancer, broken a bone, gotten into an accident, or some other problem to bring me into a hospital, which would make it easy to say that I do not have a “illness narrative,” but the more I thought about this topic the more I realized how integral healthcare has been to me. While I have not had serious illnesses or treatments, I have had regular check-ups, gone to the doctor when I had a small problem, and been to specialists for my eyes and skin. Preventative medicine has been integral to my upbringing and culture, which could very well be the reason I have not had any serious illness in the past.
Every year, most of the time in the summer, I go to my primary care physician. I have done this as long as I can remember and I know I did it well before that. Each year changes slightly, but it all went off the same theme. I first go in and check in at the same desk with the same office clerk, who always knows my name. I sit and wait less than 10 minutes before my doctor’s nurse calls me back. She always gets my weight, height, my blood pressure, pulse, and asks a few questions. My doctor will come back a few minutes later once I have gowned-up and we spend most of the appointment talking. I inevitably tell her nothing has changed and nothing is…

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